Why Entering Pre-School Education Too Late is Bad for Your Kids

We’ve relied on the K-12 Curriculum for some time now, all to ensure a bright future for the children. It’s also part of helping them achieve great academic goals that they won’t be able to without proper education.

But have you ever considered if there’s a perfect time for entering your children in such a curriculum?

Children are Left Behind

Parents have just thought of it as a way to provide their kids with education, but there’s actually a right time for them to start pre-school education.

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But what we didn’t know is that many children are being left behind. There are many initiatives taken by education systems to solve this issue. Some of these initiatives include building smaller schools, hiring better teachers, and increasing their standards.

Families and Choices

Families are given the choice to whether they’re going to send their kids to pre-school or not. There are however many organizations that insist that all parents, without regards to income, should provide their children with this chance.

After all, education is one of the keys to success in life. It’s where children learn and grow as they gain the knowledge and skills to have a productive and successful life.

Foundations of Children’s Potential

Even science proves that children should be provided with the education they need in the first years of their life.

A comprehensive set of skills are learned at that time and abilities begin to develop in the very first months. Thus, it’s important to build it over time since they’re likely to be the factors that determine their success at school and their contribution to society.

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The Achievement Gap

Many parents believe that the gap between children coming from high- and low-income homes can only be seen in their teens. But nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, many high-income adults nowadays tend to have parents that are graduates in college, meaning they’re more knowledgeable than those who didn’t graduate.

It affects the child’s language, vocabulary, and other skills just by being around their parents.

That’s why many children are left behind by those who come from higher earning families. This is especially true for those who can afford tutors or other people who can teach their kids early on.

The Best Approach for Pre-School Education

Despite having less income than other parents, families can still sustain the development of their children by sending them to pre-schools. Fortunately, many programs allow children to enroll without much investment.

And since public schools nowadays are having problems with teaching ALL children the same set of skills, parents have the responsibility to teach them early on or provide them with montessori preschool education.

Not only will it give them the boost they need, but the pre-school education system and curriculum also lean more towards focusing on teaching each child individually.

For parents, it’s painful to see your kids get left behind by others, especially if the fault lies mainly with you. However, there are still alternatives other than relying on resources. However, you need to spend some time with them, but it’s all worth it considering the rewards when they grow up.a

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