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We at End Violence Against Children Magazine have our mission to help children be free from violence. Thus, we made it our responsibility to constantly provide services for our users that will eventually stir up their passion to help these children.

In addition to helping children in different countries as we provide support and assistance, this website also serves as a center for information for those who are interested in learning about preschool education.

We believe that as they become more aware of the issue, they’ll be more and more willing to support children and help with the cause.

That’s why as we help children from far away regions, we also handle our content seriously. Since founding, we’ve been a reliable source of information regarding preschool education and the importance thereof.

We offer our users the unique opportunity to subscribe to our magazine in order to contribute to our vision and mission.

We are committed to helping both our partners, educators, parents and children, so it’s only fitting for us to put effort to expand our database of information.

When you subscribe to End Violence Against Children, you will receive real-time updates on the latest articles regarding preschool education and violence against children.


Our platform serves as a platform for people to look for relevant news regarding preschool education, whether it be from Africa, America, Asia, and others.

Curriculum Content

Our blog contains informative articles that may prove to be helpful for people who are interested in learning about preschool education, and hopefully, take interest in helping with preventing it.


We use current statistics and data to predict what may happen in the near future. This is all for the hopes of giving our users an idea of what may come next.


We keep our users up to date with the programs that may help children. While we cover different programs, most of our updates involve those that are run by WHO.

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