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End Violence Against Children Magazine aims to promote the importance of preschool education and end children violence once and for all. We’re especially fond of helping children gain access to pre-school curriculums.

And that’s where you come in. As we want to provide children with the freedom and curriculums they need for a bright future, we’ll be glad if you can join us in our mission.

Ending violence against children

The importance of ending all forms of violence shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether it be at schools, in families, or in the community, the children’s rights and well-being should be prioritized in order to ensure a sustainable future through efficient preschool curriculums.

End Violence Against Children Magazine works in multitudes of ways to provide support on preventing and responding to all types of violence that may be held against children, as well as adolescents.

How can we help?

We support families and help them strengthen their relationships with each other so violence may be erased from their life choices.

We also implement awareness programs so communities can be aware and as a result, respond to violence and create safer environments for the children.

Finally, we make sure care professionals are kept supported so they may continue keeping children from being exposed to violence.

There are many ways for us to help children by promoting the importance of an efficient preschool curriculum. We are now asking you to join us and help make a change.

It’s your turn

End Violence Against Children Magazine continues to help facilities around the world in their way to create awareness about preschool education and ending violence against children.

This is, of course, made possible with the help of committed and generous sponsors and partners.

With their support, we’re able to bring change to the community and help educators, parents and preschoolers. Our loyal friends and trusted partners are part of this positive change.

That’s why we encourage our users to join us in our mission to end violence against children and promote the importance of preschool education. You can do this in many ways.

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Become a Sponsor

As a sponsor for End Violence Against Children, you’re being part of the change in each child’s life. You help them grow up with quality health care, in a loving home and providing them with the best preschool curriculum to prepare them for a bright future.

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Corporate Partners

Our valued corporate partners work with our organization to help children improve their quality of life as we provide them with a world of possibilities and opportunities.

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Institutional Partners

We collaborate with several institutions that also have the same mission as ours. We work with medical facilities, educational institutions, daycare centers, and many more facilitiesBottom of Form.

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