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End Violence Against Children Magazine was established in 2019. This website is made up of people who are proponents of violence against children prevention programs. While we rely on WHO for worldwide programs, we also do our best by helping several facilities around the country promote violence prevention programs.

In addition to our charity work, we also provide our users with the latest news about preschool education, as well as informational articles that mainly teaches about the importance of education. We believe being knowledgeable about the topic can bring huge impacts on the mindset of people around the world.

We built this platform to bring awareness about violence against children while focusing on the importance of preschool education. Of course, we approach this in several ways. While we encourage learning about preschool education, we encourage our users to help us end violence one step at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to end violence against children. It had been that way since founding and will always be. But we take different approaches to make that possible.

One is by informing people about our content about the dangers of violence against children. We also provide them with the latest news so they may know the progress of the several facilities with the same mission as us.

We also help facilities directly by providing our support, in many ways. We aim to become the best resource on preschool education and prevention of violence against children.

We may be headquartered in the United States, but we want to reach as many people as possible. So, we also cater to the needs of those in several countries. That said, we make sure we monitor any activity in each country involving education and violence.

Our Founder

Our founder, Titan Chase, created End Violence Against Children Magazine in California. Due to his realization of the importance of preschool education and the role it plays in preventing violence against children.

Thus, he started learning about this topic for years and finally, he’d come to a conclusion of creating this website as a proponent of child peace.

Our Team

Chase then sourced a team of writers, education experts, strategists, and more, making sure they’re also passionate about ending violence against children and promoting the importance of preschool education. Thus, End Violence Against Children Magazine was made.

Today, we continue to help small facilities around the world so they may implement programs on promoting preschool education and preventing violence against children.

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